A Quick Update

I’m still around!  2015 has proven to be an unbelievably crazy year so far, and I’ve not had as much time to devote to this blog as I would have liked.  I promise to have an update soon!  I would like to thank everyone for the calls, prayers, cards, and visits during my recent emergency life-saving surgery and the hospital stay and recovery period that followed.  I’m still recovering, and recovery has  proven to be a lot harder than I thought it would!  I didn’t “bounce back” like I thought I would.  But anyway, a new blog entry will be coming soon!  ~Stephen

Stephen Coleman

About Stephen Coleman

Stephen Coleman lives in the central part of Mississippi with his wife and two dogs, Opie and Oliver, who were rescued from animal shelters. In his free time, he enjoys writing, spending time with his family, and spending time in the great outdoors of his home state.

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