A quick update, and a video challenge!
Stephen Coleman

I know that it’s been too long since I updated this blog.  8 days to be exact.  I just haven’t had much progress to report, and last week was an incredibly busy week.  I had something to do / somewhere to be every evening this past week.  I have something else going on right now that’s very pressing, and Tales may be on the back burner for awhile.  I’m still writing the book, and actively working on the manuscript, so my goal for completion remains set for the early part of 2015.

Recently, I remembered a video I shared with my students several years ago.  At the beginning of each class, I would usually start off by having them write a “response prompt.”  This prompt could be anythingthat would actively engage thinking.  I would often write something on the board that would lead them to think and compose their thoughts on paper.  We would then spend the next 10 minutes or so of class discussing their answers.  One day I came across a website for a project called the National Film Challenge.  You can find out what it’s all about by clicking on the link in blue.  Basically, amateur film makers from all over the United States submit their creations to be judged each year.  “12505 / 12507” was a film that was created by Ben Simms in 2010 for the Film Challenge.  I came across this film several years ago, and I found it to be very thought provoking.  After watching it, I shared it with my classes for their response prompt one day.  We had some great discussion about the hidden meaning within the film.  I invite you to watch the film (It’s very short…6:45), and write comments responding to the questions I’m asking below.  For me, the film evokes a lot of emotions.  I know what “12505 / 12507” means for me.  What is your “12505 / 12507”?  I will post my own response to the film in a couple of days.  Please comment in the box below, responding to the questions I’ve asked.  This could be fun if enough people participate.


“12505 / 12507” Response Questions

  1. What does the title “12505 / 12507” represent?  Aside from being a physical address, what is significant about the title?
  2. Pay attention to the symmetry seen in the film.  What do the symmetrical elements represent?
  3. Compare the beauty seen in some scenes to the austere setting of other scenes.  Why the contrast?  What could this represent?
  4. Where is “12506”?  What does 12506 represent for you?
  5. If you wish to make any additional remarks or comments, feel free to do so!


I look forward to reading your responses.


Stephen Coleman

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Stephen Coleman lives in the central part of Mississippi with his wife and two dogs, Opie and Oliver, who were rescued from animal shelters. In his free time, he enjoys writing, spending time with his family, and spending time in the great outdoors of his home state.

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